Hello this is my carrd.co website

  • 21yo

  • ♂cis, he/him

  • aroace-spec

  • autistic

  • white

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January 19th 2023
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Always remember Rule #(-1) of the internet:

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Inactive (Upload-Wise)

The "Do Not Interact" List

If one or more of the things on this list describe you, please do NOT interact with me.

  • thNeo-Nazis

  • Homophobes

  • Transphobes (includes enbyphobes)

  • Aphobes (people who discriminate against asexuals and/or aromantics)

  • Racists

  • Anti-Semites

  • Pedophiles / Hebephiles

  • Zoophiles

  • Lolicons / Shotacons

  • Proshippers

  • Anyone against abortion rights (note: this is distinct from disliking abortion itself)

  • People who co-opt the terms "dreamgender"/"dreamsexual" for the sake of mocking Dream stans

  • People who frequently lewd characters from Kirby or Klonoa

Also included on the DNI list are supporters/stans/etc. of the folliowing:

  • IRL serial killers

  • Kanye West

  • Dream (that ultra-famous Minecraft YouTuber)

  • the 1999 version of Cassandra (the Newgrounds character) (the Love Conquers All timeline is chill, though)

  • the original version of Underlust's Chara

  • anything to do with Sally.exe Continued Nightmare and/or the Nightmare Shorts

Crypto stuff and AI art stuff isn't always a dealbreaker, but don't place your bets on a free pass. I know how much of a jerk some people can be about it.