Hello this is my carrd.co website

  • 20yo

  • ♂cis, he/him

  • gray-asexual

  • autistic

  • white

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June 24th, 2022
10:10 PM | 22:10
Pacific Daylight Time | UTC-07:00

Always remember Rule #(-1) of the internet:

The "Do Not Interact" List

If one or more of the things on this list describe you, please do NOT interact with me.

  • Neo-Nazis

  • Homophobes

  • Transphobes

  • Racists

  • Pedophiles

  • Zoophiles

  • Lolicons / Shotacons

  • Proshippers

  • The false Dreamgender & Dreamsexual (i.e. the ones associated with the YouTuber and not actual dreams)

  • Anyone against abortion rights (note: this is distinct from disliking abortion itself)

For the following, rare exceptions might be made, but they generally still apply.

  • Cryptobros

  • Active NFT supporters

Let me try to make this as clear as I can:

  • • I support the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • • I support LGBTQ+ rights.

  • • If I ever say or do anything that contradicts the previous two statements, SOMETHING IS WRONG.

The question now is: why am I so worked up about making sure you know this?You ever have a moment where you imagine a stressful situation in your head? A situation where, for whatever reason, you do something terrible?Those kinds of thoughts are what provoked me to write this down somewhere.Am I being super-paranoid? There's a decent chance I am. But when I've stressed myself out over it as much as I have, I can't just ignore it.
(sorry if ya thought this sounded too edgy)
(i would agree)
Sorry if this bit sounded really rambly or long-winded, I've had trouble putting the situation into words.
For now, I could probably go with "Please I don't want to be abandoned socially" Syndrome.

Always remember Rule #(-1) of the internet:
If I've severely broken the rule recently,
please don't bother me right now.
I'm probably very stressed out about it and
wouldn't be able to explain myself properly.